Some Things that You Must Know About the Cigar Bar and Lounge

Be aware that this is an establishment that would cater to the patrons who are interested about smoking those cigars. Those cigar bars may have been there for several years already and the interest in them began in 1990s when the cities and those government entities began making those smoking bans but there were exceptions given to the establishments catering to smokers.

There are cigar bars that permit the smoking of cigarettes but the classic cigar bar actually focuses on the cigars alone. So many upscale cigar bars can be found in different parts of the world and they have great interiors and there are also those that come with piano or a pool table. There are also those walk-in humidors in which people can purchase and store the cigars for safekeeping in those special locks for cigars. The cigar bars and lounge are also serving food and also alcohol.

If you are only new to the cigar scene and you aren’t familiar with the dynamic and the settings of such cigar bar and lounge, then there are a few things to know. If you think that you are not really familiar with the happenings and the social dynamics of the cigar bar, you might have such great laugh as the don’ts on the list may be something that you see a lot. Such are the things that you should be able to keep in mind when you are interested about enjoying and relaxing in the local cigar lounge.

The important thing that you need to remember is that you must mind your cigar ash. You probably have chosen somewhere that a good cigar will make a stiff ash of about two to three inches. Not known to so many people, the quality of such cigar that you use isn’t really affected by the length of the ash so it isn’t your obligation to maintain an ash that may rival that of the broomstick of the witch. A good etiquette would be to know of where the ashtrays are placed all the time. You won’t be able to make friends when there is ash on the blazer, the floor and the chair.

Also, it is quite important that you would restrict the conversation to the party. The cigar bar as well as the lounge is a place where those patrons would relax after such tiring day and not be troubled with the loud jabbering. It is not likely that the lounge patrons would want to hear the latest about who’s on the first rendition, though you may be a funny guy. Socializing with the other patrons is really acceptable but those inside voices are quite appreciated.

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