Understanding Bond agents and the Process of Bail Bonds.

When going about our daily activities sometimes we happen to find ourselves in situations that we did not anticipate. Your right to freedom is taken away when you are incarcerated, criminal charges sees the freedom of those charged curtailed unless they are able to make bail. A judge could set a suspect free before the day the trial proceedings start, this takes place when the judge orders sets bail,this process is known as bail bond. The first thing will involve finding the right company who can post bail for you. As the accused you may not know just how much the judge will ask for and also you may not have the exact amount reserved somewhere. In this situations, bail agents are the only people capable to help you. Being in jail means you cannot walk as a free person but that does not mean that you cannot be in contact with a professional agent.

You may not be free but your family and friends are, these are the people to help you with finding a professional agent. Agents will not just identify themselves by word of mouth, they will have licenses that validate them to carry out the process for you. If you have hired a company to oversee your bail bond, expect a thorough profile research on you by the company as they have to determine whether you are worth their effort. Among the things that the company will cross check is the kind of crime that you are in for ,if you are employed and the kind of valuable assets that you have with you.

The bail is set during an official gathering where a judge presides over. The judge will meet the defendant and based on the verbal plea of the latter, a judge decides on the suitability of setting bail. Criminal histories play a big part when it comes to how bail hearings will turn out, repeat offenders will usually receive heavy bail compared to suspects who are being accused for the first time. Crimes are not the same, different crimes will have different intensities which also contribute much when it comes to bail hearings .

There are cases where the judge will assume that the defendant will jump court proceedings and hence set the bail higher. Before bail is posted, there has to be some kind of security from the defendant’s side which could be literally anything so long as the bond agent agrees to it. Banks and insurance companies may stand as guarantors but they will hardly put their funds in bail bond posting. If a defendant fails to show up during the day of trial , the bail agent or the company is fully liable before a court of law.

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